Anonymous asked: did u know remember muscle is heavier than fat so if anyone's feeling heavy, u might just be muscular :*

yes thissssss

theonlywayisgerard asked: wonderless - pierce the veil

You and I got lost along the way but this will end someday some way

Anonymous asked: I weigh a little too much for my height and I was wondering if you knew any good diets because I work out every day and usually eat healthy food in healthy amounts but I just can't get rid of this extra weight (it's not all muscle) :(

idk any good diets and I’ve been trying to eat healthily lately too but as far as diets go I’m clueless. I’m sorry!

Anonymous asked: Are we talking about height and weight? Well I'm 14, 4'11 and I have never been over 90 pounds

you’re still growing. you’ll get taller and might end up weighing a little more but honestly if you never have weighed more than you’re probably not gonna get much heavier unless you have a growth spurt and get super tall haha

Anonymous asked: Is a girl and 236 pounds bad? I'm 5 foot 1.

not it’s not bad!

I’m not gonna say that weight isn’t important because it is and if you don’t think so than you’re lying. But weight DOES NOT define you or who you are, please don’t let it.

Anonymous asked: i was like 5'4 when i was 13 and weighed 165 pounds but now im 5'8 and weigh 158 ?? like i dont understand ??

you’ve gotten taller so you automatically lost some of the weight you had that way!

Anonymous asked: I'm 5'4 and 108 but my friends sorta call me fat mostly cuz they r all like stick thin and I sorta think it's true but I guess that's just motivation for me to exercise xD

oh god no! please don’t let them make you feel like that especially if they’re all so small. 108 is NOT fat and the fact that they are making it seem that way is just wrong.

Anonymous asked: If the weight discussion is happening. 5'5" and 150lbs is the standard for the US military. That's top end and it deviates an inch with 10lbs. So 5'4" would be 140lbs top end... Beware this is military and their scores are all sorts of stupid...